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Arundel and Brighton 2018

Please indicate whether you will travel with the Pilgrimage or make your own way to Lourdes:-

The Pilgrimage Package is only available to Assisted Pilgrims, their family and/or carers and Helpers, Doctors, Nurses and Chaplains. All other Pilgrims should make their own travel arrangements.

- Pilgrimage Package:- Flights, Transfers in France and Full Board Accommodation will be arranged by The Pilgrimage Office.

- Accommodation and Transfers:- Indicates you will book your own seat on the EasyJet flight (EZY8333) departing on Friday 27 July and returning on Thursday 2 August (EYZ8338) as detailed in the Guidance Notes. The Pilgrimage office will arrange transfers in France and Full Board Accommodation.

- Accommodation Only:- Indicates you will make your own way to lourdes. The Pilgrimage office will arrange Full Board Accommodation.

If you will be arriving earlier and need to stay an extra night in the hotel you need to notify us immediately. Please do not assume you will be in the same hotel as you have stayed in the past. The pilgrimage will arrange for your extra nights at your allocated hotel. You will need to pay the hotel directly for any extra nights required.

If you are joining the pilgrimage as a Helper, Doctor, Nurse, Chaplain, Assistant Chaplain or Redshirt Leader, and do not have a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) certificate that has been issued within the last three years, please leave the certificate boxes below blank, and a form will be sent to you for completion. For the avoidance of doubt, all applicants should complete the three yes/no questions below:-

I declare that all of the information given is accurate to the best of my knowledge and consent to:-

  • The Pilgrimage Clinical Team approaching my GP and/or other Clinical specialists/s in case of emergency, or for more information with my signed prior consent. (A form will be provided in this instance.)
  • The Pilgrimage leadership team contacting my Emergency Contact in case of Emergency.
  • My details being securely stored in both an electronic database and in paper records for the purpose of organising the Pilgrimage.
  • The minimum necessary of my medical history being shared on a need to know basis with the Pilgrimage Clinical Team, my Group Leaders, Helpers and French clinicians, if necessary, to ensure me the best possible care and safety while on Pilgrimage.
  • The Pilgrimage Clinical Team making appropriate referrals upon return from the Pilgrimage to ensure the best possible continuation of my care.

How many times have you been on the pilgrimage as:

If you have been with us before as a Helper, how many times did you serve in -

Please indicate which Preparation Session(s) you will attend: (Please see the Guidance Notes for those applicable to you - further information is available on our website)

Click Here to view the Statement of Commitment.

Please be advised that any Pilgrimage photographs may be used in future promotional material in both paper and online format.

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