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26 July - 1 August 2019 - by Air
25 July - 2 August 2019 - by Coach
Please note that some pilgrims may be asked to travel one day earlier and/or one day later.

2019 Online Application Form for Hospitalité (Helpers, Doctors, Nurses and Chaplains, Redshirt Leaders) and Pilgrims.

PLEASE NOTE: This year, we have received a higher than expected number of assisted pilgrim applications and we do not currently have any places available. We are now therefore managing a Waiting List for Assisted Pilgrims (pilgrims requiring assistance). Any enquiries please contact the Pilgrimage Office 01403 740110.

Please now read the following guidance notes, so that you enter the correct information when asked.

Please complete this Application Form for each individual pilgrim. Please note, your application cannot be processed unless you confirm, when asked on the application form, that you have read and agreed to the Statement of Commitment and Code of Conduct, which can be accessed by clicking here.

It may be worth printing these instructions before you start, so that you can refer to them when filling out the form.

The closing date for online applications is 30th April 2019. Please apply early to avoid disappointment. Any amendment or cancellation of this booking has to be in writing to A&B Lourdes Pilgrimage Office, The Bothy, Cowfold Road, Coolham, RH13 8QL or by email - click here


1. Pilgrimage Package. Includes all travel and full board accommodation arranged by the Pilgrimage Office. This is only available to Assisted Pilgrims together with their family and/or carers, Helpers, Doctors, Nurses ,Chaplains and Redshirt Leaders.

All other Pilgrims should make their own travel arrangements as below.

2. Independent Travel and Transfers (Easyjet). Includes full board accommodation and coach transfers, arranged by the Pilgrimage Office, from/to Toulouse Airport to Lourdes meeting only the Easyjet Flight EJU8333 on Friday 26 July and returning on Easyjet Flight EZY8338 on Thursday 1 August. Applicants must purchase their own tickets with Easyjet. There are only 53 seats on this transfer coach and seats will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. Please therefore contact the Pilgrimage Office prior to applying.

3. Accommodation Only. Includes Full board accommodation arranged by the Pilgrimage Office. You must arrange your own travel so that you arrive at the hotel you are allocated on Friday 26 July after 2pm and depart on Thursday 1 August after lunch. If you arrive or depart on any other day, you must make your own hotel arrangements separately for those additional days and notify the pilgrimage office.


1. £750 - Pilgrimage Package
2. £620 - Independent Travel with Transfers (Easyjet) - THIS OPTION IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE AS THE TRANSFER COACH IS FULL
3. £560 - Accommodation Only
4. £175 - Single Room Supplement

Final balance due by 31st May 2019. However, if a payment plan has been agreed with the Pilgrimage Office and payments regularly made, the final balance must be completed by 31 August 2019.


A £125 Subsidy, if needed, is available for all Hospitalité (Helpers, Doctors, Nurses and Chaplains, Redshirt Leaders). However if you are travelling independently the subsidy is £75.

Reductions are available for children under the age of 12 - please contact the Pilgrimage Office for further information. There is no charge for children under 24 months of age by the date of return.

If you need further financial assistance, click here to download an Additional Subsidy Application Form. This information will be kept confidential.

It is possible to apply to your local group of Catenians for financial support, each circle is very supportive of those helping in Lourdes, and we have had some notable successes in the past. You must be aged between your 16th and 25th birthday or are in year 11 and become 16 by 31st August in that pilgrimage year.

The final balance of your invoice must be paid by 31st May 2019 unless a payment plan has been agreed.

Please indicate if you wish to pay the balance by instalments. Details will appear on your invoice to arrange with your bank. Final payment of your instalments must be made by 31 August 2019.


When in Lourdes we offer our service to the Pilgrimage in the following ways:-

Helper: Helpers are volunteers who offer their service to others on the pilgrimage in a spirit of love and generosity. You will be expected to help our Assisted Pilgrims and will be allocated to a team in Lourdes. The service is varied and can be demanding both physically and emotionally. Because of the nature of the service, helpers must be fit and willing to participate fully with reverence, respect, generosity and consideration in all areas as detailed in the "Role of the Helper" link here We also select our pool of Hotel Leaders and Deputies from this category.

Doctor or Nurse: Only Doctors and Nurses who are actively working in the UK and fully registered can join us in this capacity during our week away. Retired and other Healthcare professionals have skills that can help us whilst in Lourdes, so if you are retired, please feel free to contact Dr Jane Pateman, our Chief Medical Officer (CMO) at office@ablourdes.org

Clergy/Religious: Not all clergy, deacons or religious wish to be a chaplain in Lourdes. If this is the case for you, please let the office know, and they will ensure that you are not allocated any duties. office@ablourdes.org

Pilgrim: You are totally independent and do not need any assistance at home, or more specifically in Lourdes. Any pilgrim, who after applying for a place is requested to complete an additional Medical Form and give full access to their GP and other Medical Professionals managing their care needs by the Chief Medical Officer, but refuses to do so, cannot be accepted on our Pilgrimage.


NEW PILGRIM'S PREPARATION DAY - Saturday 15 June at St Philip Howard Centre (formerly known as DABCEC), 4 Southgate Drive, Crawley, RH10 6RP from 10.30am and finishing with prayers at around 3.00pm.
A day for all new pilgrims, assisted or able, who want to find out more about what going on pilgrimage is all about. You will have a chance to meet others, explore the meaning of pilgrimage and prepare for our week in Lourdes. There will also be a time of reflection and prayer with an introduction to this year's theme "Happy are the Poor".

CHAPLAINS' DAY - Wednesday 19 June from 11am to 1pm at the St Philip Howard Centre (formerly known as DABCEC), 4 Southgate Drive, Crawley, RH10 6RP

NEW HELPERS DAY - Sunday 23 June at St Wilfrid's School, Old Horsham Road, Crawley RH11 8PG - 10am - 4pm

All first time Helpers, Doctors and Nurses must attend this Induction Day.

MUSIC PRACTICE - Saturday 13 July at St Bernadette's RC Church, Tilgate Way, Crawley, RH10 5BS from 12pm to 6pm. All musicians and singers are respectfully asked to attend this day of preparation.

PRE-BRIEFING DAY - Saturday 6 July, St Philip Howard Centre. A day for all Leaders, Deputies, Doctors, Nurses and Chaplains to receive Pilgrimage information and prepare for the week in Lourdes.

BRIEFING DAY - Sunday 21 July at St Wilfrid's School, Crawley. 9.30am - 5pm. All Hospitalité should attend to meet with their teams and receive current year's briefing.


In line with the Diocesan Safeguarding Policy, ALL HOSPITALITé (HELPERS, DOCTORS, NURSES, CHAPLAINS and REDSHIRT LEADERS) are required to have an Enhanced DBS Disclosure Certificate.

You will be sent the appropriate documentation if you do not already have an Enhanced Disclosure Certificate issued within 3 years.

If you have an existing DBS certificate from a 3rd party organisation, it may be possible for us to use this disclosure if you have joined the Online Update Service. If in doubt, please provide the information when requested on the form, and the Pilgrimage office will contact you to discuss any problems encountered.


All pilgrims are included in group travel insurance and the cost is included in the price for the pilgrimage. Pilgrims with pre-existing health conditions need confirmation from their GP of fitness to fly. A copy of the Insurance Policy will be sent to you upon receipt of the deposit payment of £50. Click here to view the Insurance Product Information Document (IPID).

All travellers are covered for the duration of the pilgrimage from 25 July to 2 August 2019. Separate cover should be arranged for those travelling outside of this period. Mobile phones, musical instruments, computers, and loss of unattended personal possessions are specifically excluded.


You will be asked to complete the Confidential Medical Questionnaire. It is important that you provide details of your medical condition(s) and treatment. We will not be able to accept your application if the Medical Questionnaire has not been completed.


ALL PILGRIMS need an EHIC which will be required in the event of a pilgrim needing medical attention in Lourdes. The EHIC (which is free of charge) can be obtained online at www.ehic.org.uk or phone 0300 330 1350. Please note that an EHIC must be obtained to validate your travel insurance.


If you are a non-British/EU citizen you may need a visa to travel to France and possibly specific permission to re-enter the UK. Please check with your embassy and the French embassy to be sure about what you need. It is your responsibility to ensure you have valid travel documents.


The Pilgrimage has a Health & Safety Policy. All pilgrims are expected to follow any health and safety procedures laid down by the organisation and behave in a responsible manner for their own welfare and the welfare of others. A copy of the policy is available from the Pilgrimage Office on request.


Complete travel details and final pilgrimage instructions will be sent to you at the beginning of July. These will only be sent if full payment has been received by the 31st May or a payment plan is in effect.


Under the Data Protection Act personal information from the booking form will be registered on a computerised database for processing applications - Click here for details of how we use your personal information.


If you are under the age of 18, or if you need assistance from a third party when making decisions, you will be sent a Parental/Guardian Consent form.

Applications from those pilgrims under the age of 18 will not be accepted until the signed consent form has been received at the Pilgrimage Office.

It is helpful to have the following information with you before completing your online application:-

✔ Your Passport
✔ Your European Health Insurance Card ("EHIC Card")
✔ GP's contact details, and a list of your medication (if applicable)
✔ Your DBS disclosure certificate (if you have one)
✔ A photograph of yourself, that you can either post, A&B Lourdes Pilgrimage Office, The Bothy, Cowfold Road, Coolham, RH13 8QL or send by email click here

If there is any other information that you think will be useful for us to know regarding your application, please email it to us when you send your 2019 photograph. If you would prefer that we use the 2018 photograph that we have on file please state this in your email.

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