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Ampleforth Lourdes Hospitalité Pilgrimage

Application Form 2018

Friday 13th July 2018 to Friday 20th July 2018

Thank you for applying to come to help on our pilgrimage to Lourdes in 2018. Please complete this Application Form for each individual pilgrim. Please note, your application cannot be processed unless you confirm, when asked in the application form, that you have read and agreed the Statement of Commitment and Code of Conduct, which can be accessed by clicking the link here

Please also read the following guidance notes, so that you enter the correct information when asked. It may be worth printing these instructions before you start, so that you can refer to them when filling out the form.

The costs for this year's Pilgrimage are as follows:-

  1. Pilgrimage Cost (with flights): - £760
  2. Pilgrimage Cost (without flights): - £560
  3. Single Room Supplement: - £240
  4. No money needs to be sent until you have received your invoice for the pilrimage.

Please note that applications made after the 30th April will automatically incur a late application fee of £40, and that final payments made after 24th May will incur a £40 late payment charge. Any amendment or cancellation of this booking has to be in writing to Mrs Bregje Dawson, Finkley House, Finkley, Nr Andover, Hants. SP11 6AE or by email - click here Mrs Bregje Dawson

Applicant Details

Before starting your application, please make sure you have the following documents with you:-

  • ✔ Your Passport
  • ✔ Your European Health Insurance Card ("EHIC Card")
  • ✔ GP's contact details, and a copy of your most recent repeat prescriptions form from your GP
  • ✔ Your Travel Insurance, if you are not taking the Pilgrimage Travel Insurance
  • ✔ Your DBS disclosure certificate (if you have one)

You will be asked to enter your personal details, which will include:-

  1. Whether you require our travel insurance.
  2. Whether you wish to travel on the Pilgrimage flights, or will be arriving in Lourdes independently.
  3. If arriving independently, what time and date you expect to arrive. (We would request that all independent travellers arrive in Lourdes no later than 13:00 on the 13th July, and depart no earlier than 12:00 on the 20th July. If you cannot fulfil this request, it may not be possible to offer you a place this year.
  4. If you are travelling to Lourdes independently, you will be asked whether you are travelling by car.

First Time Pilgrims on the Ampleforth Pilgrimage

Most "First Time" Helpers (especially those who are still at school, or have just left) will be expected to take part in a "Preparation and Induction" session in Lourdes and will be flown out to Lourdes on Thursday 12th July 2018. Details of your flights will be sent to you in due course. All First Timers travelling to Lourdes independently must arrive in Lourdes by 12:00 hours on Thursday 12th July 2018. Supper will be provided for all First Timers on arrival in Lourdes. For those asked to travel on this date, you will be charged an additional £65 for the extra night's accommodation in Lourdes.

You will also be asked who introduced you to the Ampleforth Pilgrimage, and if you are at school, or have just left, which school you attend(ed) and which year you are/were in.

Financial Assistance

If you need financial assistance to fund your Pilgrimage to Lourdes, it is possible to apply to the Alistair Roberts Memorial Fund (ARMF), which is open to pilgrims under the age of 30 (please note ARMF applications need to be made direct to the ARMF charity and that their applications will close on 1st March each year). It is also possible to make an application for an Ampleforth Hospitalité of Our Lady of Lourdes Bursary, which is open to pilgrims of any age (including one specifically for young pilgrims who are not first timers). Please indicate your intention to apply for one of these bursaries when asked on the application form. If you request an Ampleforth Bursary a bursary form will be sent to you, and this information will be kept confidential. Please note that all Nurses on our Pilgrimage qualify for a Bursary if they require financial assistance. Please note that it is also possible to apply to your local group of Catenians for financial support, each circle is very supportive of those helping in Lourdes, and we have had some notable successes in the past.


All helpers aged 16 or over will be required to have an appropriate DBS certificate or, in the case of non UK residents, satisfactory alternative assurances of their suitability to work with children and adults at risk. Further details are in the pilgrimage Safeguarding Policy. The pilgrimage Safeguarding Officer (currently Philip Westmacott) can provide further information on request. DBS certificates should normally be no more than 5 years old and name the Employer as Ampleforth Hospitalité or Ampleforth Abbey Trust. As the process of obtaining a DBS or showing suitability can take some time it is important both to apply, and to address any safeguarding questions which are raised following your application, promptly.

Please note, if the issuing entity is the Ampleforth Abbey Trust, or the Ampleforth Hospitalité of Our Lady of Lourdes, then the qualifying date is 30th June 2012 (i.e. the certificate must have been issued after that date). If your issuing entity is any other relevant organisation (e.g. your parish, your employer or in certain circumstances another charity) then the DBS has to have been issued after the 16th June 2013.

Application pilgrim categories

When in Lourdes we offer our service to the Pilgrimage in the following ways:-

Helper: You will be expected to assist our Assisted Pilgrims for between 6 to 8 hours per day, this will include assisting with their personal care. You may well be asked to help support someone's weight when moving around or to push someone in a wheelchair. The week in Lourdes can be physically demanding. If you have any medical concerns that you would like to discuss with our clinical team, their contact details can be found later in this document.

Light Worker: You would like to help, but are not able to carry out all of the duties outlined above. E.G. You may not feel able to do very early morning duties or assist late into the evening, but you would like to be involved in helping during the day time hours.

Doctor or Nurse: Doctors, Nurses and Allied Health Professionals are warmly invited to join our clinical team, supporting the Pilgrimage and particularly pilgrims who may need additional assistance. Health professionals who have up to date full registration with UK health bodies, are able to serve the Pilgrimage in this capacity. Health Professionals who are no longer fully registered, studying towards their registration or practice outside the UK, are also invited to join the clinical team, in a capacity appropriate to their position. The Chief Doctor and Chief Nurse are happy to be contacted to discuss and explore roles and responsibilities.

Religious: Priest, deacon or religious.

Assisted Pilgrim: You would like to join us in Lourdes, but will need some help from other people with personal care, clinical support, or when you need to get to the various pilgrimage venues in Lourdes, i.e. you need some help to get around. Pilgrims who will require ongoing nursing support during the Pilgrimage will stay in the Accueil St Frai, to ensure their comfort and safety. The clinical team are happy to discuss any queries, by contacting the Chief Doctor or Chief Nurse.

Please note, we are a Pilgrimage which serves the Assisted Pilgrims that we take to Lourdes each year, and this service requires a broad range of all age groups to ensure that the Assisted Pilgrims are given every opportunity to experience the wonderful graces available to each and every one of us. This balance of all age groups may mean that, regrettably, we may from time to time need to refuse an application due to the fact that the allocation of places to that age group has already been filled. We hope you will understand that this situation is unavoidable.

Named Carer

You will be asked on the application form whether you are accompanying an Assisted Pilgrim who is hoping to join us in Lourdes. Please make it clear whether you will be helping as a Transport Buddy, in that you will be assisting the person to get to and from the airport, or whether you are joining the person in Lourdes as their named carer as well.

If the latter, then please indicate if you would like to stay in the St Frai, where most Assisted Pilgrims stay, or one of the helper hotels for the time we are in Lourdes.

Named carers should be available and present when the clinical team visits.

Other information

You will also be asked some additional questions, and the notes below will assist you with some of the answers:-

  1. Whether you wish to help in the arrivals group. (Please only answer this question if you have been with us to Lourdes before).
  2. Whether you would be willing to help on the first nightshift. (Please only answer this question if you have been with us to Lourdes before.)
  3. Whether you have some skills that may be useful to us during our time in Lourdes. E.G. Eucharistic Minister, Reader in Church aromatherapist, hairdresser, manicurist, massage therapist, reflexology, sign language, yoga. Allied Health Professional e.g. Physiotherapist, HCA, OT, Speech Therapist, Chiropodist, pharmacist, psychologist, retired Doctor or Nurse. Please give details/qualifications.
  4. You will be asked whether you are happy for your contact details to be listed in our Redbook. This booklet is given to each Pilgrim at the beginning of the week, and contains a lot of information about our week in Lourdes, and the names, addresses and phone numbers of most pilgrims, so that friends can keep in touch when they return home.


All of us who go on the Ampleforth Lourdes Pilgrimage take our duty of care to our fellow pilgrims seriously. Therefore, it is very important that we are all reminded on an annual basis about how to safely look after each other and our Assisted Pilgrims. This ensures that we all have the best chance of enjoying our week in Lourdes, and in line with previous years, it will not be possible to permit any helpers who have not completed our training and refresher course to help with the care needs of those in the St Frai.

All those pilgrims providing any level of personal care, from the Dining Room team to Personal Care Buddies and clinical teams, must have completed this training before arrival at the airport or in Lourdes. With this in mind, we offer helpers several opportunities for you to attend a 2-hour briefing in person in the UK, one additional nurses training session in Wales, a session on the first Friday morning in Lourdes for those travelling independently from overseas and a short training top-up, for the members of the Hotel Group ONLY, when we arrive in Lourdes. For students at Ampleforth we provide an introductory session for those coming for the first time and a training reminder for those joining us for the second time, both of which will be held during term time.

It will not be possible for those travelling on the main pilgrimage flight to be trained in Lourdes (except for the Hotel Group).

Please select the session on the application form that you will attend, so that we can make provision for the numbers and individuals involved. The location in London will be communicated in due course to those who select this option, but for the avoidance of doubt, it will be centrally located, and accessible by the London Underground.

Important Dress Code Information

The Ampleforth Hospitalité Committee expects all Pilgrims to be tidily dressed at all times. We have the following dress code which must be observed whilst any Helper is assisting another pilgrim:-

LADIES: whilst you are helping another pilgrim, you are required to wear white clothing (not cream or off-white) and sensible shoes (flip flops are not permitted). We suggest any of the following: white dresses, skirts, plain white tailored trousers, white shirts with a sleeve or a white T-shirt (no logos please). Cotton is highly recommended as it is often very warm in Lourdes. Bare midriffs, very tight or short skirts are not acceptable whilst helping or in the Sanctuary. If you wish or need to wear a belt and/or cardigan/sweater (it can get quite chilly at night), we ask that they be red. (Not pink or burgundy)

MEN: are required to wear long trousers in good condition (no frayed hems, no rips, and no jeans please) and conservative shirts with collars. Please bring a tie and a jacket/blazer as there will be two or three occasions when you will be asked to wear them.

Please note that anyone who is wearing inappropriate shoes or clothing will be asked to go and change.

Medical Information

You will be asked to complete the Confidential Medical Questionnaire on the application form. Please note, our Clinical Team provide the equivalent of an Out of Hours GP service to Hotel Pilgrims whilst we are in Lourdes. It is important that you provide details of medical condition(s) and treatment, including investigations or surgery that is planned for the 6 months before or after the pilgrimage. In the interests of your safety and those of other pilgrims, we will not be able to accept an application if the Medical Questionnaire has not been completed fully.

If you are on medication, please ensure that you have an adequate supply of treatment for ten days, including those medicines that you only use occasionally or when needed.

The clinical team will always try and accommodate all pilgrims and their medical needs, as long as this can be done safely.

For Assisted Pilgrims, who require additional clinical support while on Pilgrimage, we must ensure the skill mix and expertise within the clinical team, available services within Lourdes, including the local hospital, and the clinical needs of individual pilgrims, are appropriate and safe. There are some situations in which pilgrims may find that their conditions may make a pilgrimage unsuitable, for example poorly controlled mental health or moderate to severe confusion. The clinical team are happy to explore all applications with pilgrims (and their carers where appropriate), however, there may be occasions in which the clinical team may not be able to accept an application if we do not feel a pilgrimage would be safe.

Medical and clinical information will be treated confidentially by the clinical team. Appropriate medical and personal care information, for Assisted Pilgrims will be shared with those helpers who will be supporting them, to ensure that they can give appropriate care and support.

Helpers who require this information, receive it in the knowledge that it is confidential and solely for the purpose of supporting the pilgrim, during the Pilgrimage. While Helpers are not trained health professionals, they will receive training in confidentiality, and sign an agreement to maintain confidentiality in their role for the Pilgrimage.

The Clinical Team are happy to be contacted about any health related issues, or issues related to the sharing of information. You do not need to include any health or confidential information in any emails to the team, but please indicate you name, and a phone number we may contact you on:

Chief Doctor - Dr G Hamilton Grantham, 10 Woodland Park West, Colwyn Bay, Wales, LL29 7DR.

Chief Nurse - Angie Sadler, The Old Stables, Byfleet Road, Cobham, Surrey, KT11 1DS.


If you have selected a flight package in your application form, the following disclaimer will apply:-

The Committee of the Ampleforth Hospitalité of Our Lady of Lourdes ("ALHC") assists Pilgrims with their travel arrangements by introducing them to the Pilgrimage tour operator Tangney Tours. Your application, should it be accepted by the ALHC, will be subject to the Terms and Conditions of Tangney Tours which will be made available on the back of your invoice, once you have been accepted on the Pilgrimage. These booking conditions are provided in accordance with ATOL regulations and the ATOL guarantee secures all aspects of the Pilgrims travel and accommodation arrangements. The Committee shall not be responsible for any act, error or omission of Tangney Tours, including the bankruptcy, administration or liquidation of them or any other third party, which may result in loss or damage howsoever arising of whatever nature.

If you are travelling to Lourdes independently, and have only requested the reservation of accommodation with the provision of meals, the following disclaimer will apply:-

The Committee of the Ampleforth Hospitalité of Our Lady of Lourdes assists Pilgrims with their accommodation arrangements whilst in Lourdes, and has accepted the booking conditions of the hotel(s) used for the 2017 Pilgrimage. These booking conditions are available on request from the hotel(s) in question. The Committee shall not be responsible for any act, error or omission, including the bankruptcy, administration or liquidation of any third party, which may result in loss or damage howsoever arising of whatever nature.


If a parent, guardian or advocate is settling your invoice, or if you need assistance from a third party when making decisions, we ask that you print your confirmation email when you receive it, and then ask your parent, guardian or advocate to enter the information below at the bottom of the email:

  1. Name of parent/guardian or advocate
  2. Signature
  3. Date

Please then post the signed email to the following address:-

Mrs Bregje Dawson, Travel Organiser, Finkley House, Finkley, Nr Andover, Hants. SP11 6AE

Please note that applications from those pilgrims under 19 years of age will not be accepted until this signed printed email has been received at the above address.

Before you click the link below to make your application do you have in front of you:

  • ✔ Your Passport
  • ✔ Your EHIC Card
  • ✔ GP's contact details, and a copy of your most recent repeat prescriptions form from your GP
  • ✔ Your Travel Insurance, if you are not taking the Pilgrimage Travel Insurance
  • ✔ Your DBS disclosure certificate (if you have one)
  • ✔ You have permission of the person who will be paying your invoice, to join us in Lourdes
Complete the Application